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Sir Sly

You Haunt Me

Sir Sly, lead by chief songwriter Landon Jacobs is a brooding pop-rock act out L.A. that has a style all their own and a sound unlike any other band going. On their debut album, Gold that's exemplified over and over again.

Gold isn't album of the year material, but it's still a damn good listen. Jacobs' songwriting is dark and honest throughout and his thin but emotional voice is the perfect accompaniment for his lyrics. Just as good as Jacobs' music on the record is the production done to the record. That's due to Vic Mensa's work behind the board with a lot of help by the band.

Sir Sly's You Haunt Me is a terrific listen. It's a little repetitive, but overall it's a great album. Be sure to check these guys out if you're up for listening to something new and different.


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