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We Are The Fallen

Tear the World Down

We Are the Fallen’s debut album picks up where Ben Moody left off in 2003 with Evanescene. These songs are very similar to the batch on Evanescence’s “Fallen.” The only difference is that instead of having Amy Lee fronting the band, American Idol alum Carly Smithson is on vocals singing the songs that Moody and the group have written. Her voice isn’t as smooth in softer moments on the record as Amy Lee’s but when she starts getting into the harder moments on the record and she has to sing with more power, she’s a better vocalist than Amy Lee. Basically, We Are the Fallen is Evanescence without Amy Lee and the head-to-head battle between Amy Lee and Carly Smithson is a wash with Lee winning on softer moments and Smithson winning the power battle. On “Tear the World Down” you hear a lot of Smithson’s power and that’s really its strength. It’s weak in the ‘haunting’ melodies where things are supposed to softer and smoother… they’re just not. It’s great to have Ben Moody back in the spotlight after taking some years off to do production and those things, but you would have liked him to go with a different approach. Why not front a band with the guys from Evanescence with a male voice? Why have the same exact approach twice? It’s not a bad debut album but we’ve heard the same thing from a different version of this band seven years ago. That’s not to say that this band is inferior to Moody’s previous work because it’s not. The songs are stronger than they were on “Fallen” with a lot of potential for several tracks. Even though it’s not a new sound, this band has potential to do big things this year.


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