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Neon Trees


If you’re a fan of The Killers then you will love Neon Trees. They’ve even done some touring with the group. The Killers are well known for their debut album “Hot Fuss.” Right out of the gates the band struck with hit single after hit single. Neon Trees has the potential to do that on a smaller, more underground scale. I can hear this band dominating the alternative charts for this record cycle with some pop success thrown in there too. This album isn’t “Hot Fuss” but it’s comparable with that record because the two groups have similar styles and now they both have impressive debut albums. Neon Trees’ “Habits” has only one problem. It’s too short. It comes in at eight tracks. Not that impressive. What’s impressive is the quality of the music on this album even though it’s so short. All eight songs are amazing songs from start to finish and that goes for the single “Animal” and the other known song from the band- “Love and Affection” to the remaining six songs on the record including “Sins of My Youth.” It's early on and they could be beat, but an extremely exciting debut album makes Neon Trees the best new artist of 2010.


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