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Chad Perrone


Boston based singer/songwriter Chad Perrone has already established himself as one of the best independent songwriters due to his two previous albums, setting the bar pretty high for his third solo album “Release.” Taking a more under-produced and less polished approach this time around, Perrone wanted his songs to speak for themselves, which for most musicians is a recipe for disaster. Perrone is one of the few songwriters whose lyrics are so emotional, so compelling that they truly can stand on their own. The result is an album that’s so personal and revealing, that it exposes a whole new element to Perrone’s already unforgettable sound. Tracks like “Under Different Circumstances,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Monster” are perfect examples of Perrone’s extraordinary songwriting style solely on display, leaving no question to his undeniable ability to express such intimate feelings so simply in a song. Also outstanding are tracks “Anything To Anyone,” “Motionless,” and “Breathe, Like It’s Easy” which in a more upbeat style again showcase Perrone’s songwriting in near perfection. All in all, Perrone has succeeded in recording another outstanding album while still continuing to reveal new layers his incredible songwriting ability.


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