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After being on hiatus for the better part of a decade, Tonic returns with their brand new self-titled release. It’s not often that something that’s eight years in the making lives up to expectations, but this album appears to be one of those rare exceptions. From the crunching guitars and soaring chorus of the opener, “Release Me,” it’s clear that Tonic has picked up right where they left off eight years ago. The contrasting melodies of tracks like “Daffodil” and “Feel It Now” show that the band hasn’t lost their knack for writing melodic rock tracks either. The explosive chorus on “I Want It To Be” might make it one of the highlights of the album, and would be a natural pick for the next single. Stripped down tracks like “Nothing Is Everything” and “Resolve” showcase Emerson Hart’s songwriting at its best, not showing any signs of rust from the years in hiatus. Overall, this album is easily good enough to resurrect the career one of the best Alternative bands from the 90’s. One can only hope that years from now this album will be looked at as the first of many new albums from this great band after their hiatus, and not as their last.


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