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Alpha Rev

New Morning

Alpha Rev’s Hollywood Records’ debut and the bands second full-length album is heavily focused on Casey McPherson’s songwriting. The music on the album is about supporting McPherson’s vocals. There are a lot of atmospheric elements applied to the production and the end result is an enjoyable listen. This self-titled album is similar to Coldplay with none of the connections to Coldplay’s pop elements. Eerie, sweeping effects assist to Casey McPherson’s lyrical and vocal dominance. If you’re into songwriting and introspection you will love this record. If you want to put something on and forget the rest of the world, you will need to find something else. Surprisingly enough “New Morning” is arguably the biggest ‘upbeat’ song there is on the record with the track list being dominated by middle of the road alternative-rock songs. Alpha Rev’s self-titled album for Hollywood showcases what the band does best and they’ll find plenty of followers. Anyone who likes ‘true’ alternative music will find something to like about Alpha Rev.


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