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Jeremiah Freed

Jeremiah Freed

Its rare enough to find a band with a straight-ahead all-out-rock sound these days, let alone one from Maine. Hailing from Portland, Maine to be exact, the young members of Jeremiah Freed show incredible talent considering the entire band graduated from High School in June of 2000. Take into account the intensity and urgency in the vocals of lead singer Joe Smith, mixed with brilliant song writing, and some of the best guitar work that we've heard in a very long time. On their major label debut, the band opens with the slowly building song "Stranded", and from there the listener never looks back. Tracks like "How They All Got Here" and "Again" display the bands incredible song writing skills, along with their incredibly addictive sound. The band slows it down for tracks like "Rain" and dares to bring a melodic sound into the mix with the track "Wait For Me." After just one listen through this incredible album, there will be no doubt in your mind that Jeremiah Freed is here to stay.


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