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Jakob Dylan

Women + Country

Jakob Dylan’s second solo release “Women + Country” is a lot like his first release. If you liked that first album then you’ll like this one as well. Fans of producer Rick Rubin will be disappointed that Dylan didn’t use him this time around. Instead, Dylan went with a familiar producer that he used in his Wallflowers days, T-Bone Burnett. The result is a very similar final product to Dylan’s first solo album “Seing Things” except with a few more things added in. This album isn’t as stripped as the first album. You’re not going to hear Dylan playing with anything that sounds like a full band, but you will hear more instrumentation. That includes horn work and a lot more of the standard sounds. It’s the same style of music, you just hear more in the background. “Women + Country” is another good solo album from Jakob Dylan but just like the first album if you like Bob Dylan you like this album, if you liked The Wallflowers that’s not necessarily going to be the case. One thing “Women + Country” will leave you with regardless of your taste of music is an appreciation of Jakob Dylan’s craft for songwriting. He shows that off with this sophomore album and if you like singer/songwriter stuff in any way you’re going to love this album.


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