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Realities EP

To tide things over for fans until the release of a full album The Spill Canvas released two EPs. The “Abnormalities- EP” they released in January. The “Realities- EP” they just released in April. Longtime fans of the band will be disappointed because they changed their sound rather drastically on these two EPs and supposedly on their upcoming album. The Spill Canvas has made a vast and good selection of pop music for these two EPs (and the full is supposedly similar to this) and just speaking about this latest EP, it’s a nice selection of pop music but not necessarily the selection you want out of this band. “Our Song” is a fantastic song. It was written wonderfully and takes the spirit of pop songs in the ‘60s and ‘70s lyrically and mashes it up with some catchy music from this era very well. It’s an extremely good song. After that the rest of the songs on the EP are fairly good too, most notable is “Crash Course.” The rough part about this EP comes when a little too much pop music is put into it. One track, I’ll let you find it on your own, has a backing female vocal on it. That’s fine, but this backing vocal comes in the form of multiple vocals that come in the form of a chorus and you feel like you’re watching a ‘90s Disney cartoon. This EP is a tough call. If you’re judging it on quality music then you can say that this is a great pop EP. If you’re judging it on the question of ‘Is this style right for this band?’ The answer is probably not. Still, you can come to the assumption that this won’t be a style that the Spill Canvas embrace on all of their coming releases and a few of these tracks on these EPs will become songs that you’ll listen to and enjoy over and over through the years. This is a good pop EP; I just didn’t expect to write that about The Spill Canvas.


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