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The Barenaked Ladies

All In Good Time

Now that Andy Creeggan is out of Barenaked Ladies, one would think that “All In Good Time” is going to be Ed Robertson’s album. That’s the case but not exclusively. Kevin Hearn and Jim Creeggan join in on things by singing five of the fourteen songs. Those five songs aren’t bad songs from the band, it’s just a little different hearing those songs when we’re not used to listening to either of those guys sing on BNL songs. The Hearn/Jim Creeggan vocals aren’t the only different quality on “All in Good Time.” The music borders on the contemporary side of genres for the majority of the album. It’s a very light and flowing album with very few upbeat tracks to invigorate the experience. That’s not a terrible thing; it’s just not the music you’re used to hearing from this band. That contemporary sound is dominant and a lot of the band’s eccentricities aren’t as prevalent on this album. The only real goofy song of note is “Four Seconds,” which also holds the title of the album’s best song. It’s a fun track that sounds like it could be played at a carnival fun-house and it’s a welcome change of pace early on in the album. “All in Good Time” is really a new page for this band. They’re not a different band but they have evolved into a slightly different sound.


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