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The Audition

Great Danger

The Audition’s "Great Danger" is the band's definitive album. A self-produced venture that was written with their first album in mind ends up to be a good mash between the music that the band has made recently, what's sold in pop music the last three years, and their first album. A couple of tracks on this record sound like Metro Station (if Metro Station was a good band) and the rest of the album sounds like The Audition. It's pop music with an edge and there's not much about it that you can't like. The band self-produced the album and they did a great job. It always helps to have an extra voice in the studio but in this case the band did just fine on their own. The way the band tracked drums on this record is especially notable because in spots they are thunderous and some of the best you're going to hear on a modern day record. "You Ruined This", "He's All You Want", and "Ms. Crumby" are all great songs and some of the better material that the band has put out. The Audition's "Great Danger" is an album that you'll want to check out; you'll find at least one song you'll love on the record.


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