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Almost Alice

"Almost Alice" is a collection of songs inspired by Disney's new Alice in Wonderland movie directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp. The album is an idea that's been done by Disney in a different way before with the "NIghtmare Revisited" album which took big bands and had them rework songs from the musical "The Nightmare Before Christmas." This time the bands have come up with original material for the album and it works in a big way for the most part. You get songs from Shinedown, All Time Low, Mark Hoppus and Pete Wentz, The Plain White T's, Motion City Soundtrack, Wolfmother, and that's just to name a few. All of the songs are previously unreleased save for an Owl City track that came from an independent release and it fit incredibly well into the compilation. Most of the songs on "Almost Alice" are great but there are a few questionable moments depending on your taste of music. If you like 3OH!3 then good for you, but if you're not a fan, you're not going to like their song on "Almost Alice." Tokio Hotel & Kerli's track is also a little odd. It's not a terrible track but compared to the creativity seen on the other songs it just doesn't stack up as well. That aside there are at least eight tracks you'll enjoy listening to. "Almost Alice" turns out to be a great compilation and something that we hope Disney continues to do with select movies in the future.


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