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Something Corporate

Leaving Through The Window

You could be forgiven for thinking that with the label’s current roster, Something Corporate would be no more than a copycat combo in the mould of New Found Glory or a host of other pop punk bands doing the rounds at the moment. Every label it seems must have its Sum 41 or Blink 182. However, although blessed with the same youthful energy and verve as some of their more celebrated counterparts, Something Corporate have the ability to incorporate it within some solid songs rather than emulate the mainstream. This, together with the vocals of Andrew McMahon, gives the whole proceedings an SR71 feel particularly on the piano driven ‘Good News’ or on opening anthem ‘I Want To Save You’. ‘Drunk Girl’ hints at the bands Elton John influences with its retro piano lead intro as does album closer ‘Globes & Maps’, whilst re runs of ‘If You C Jordan’ and ‘Punk Rock Princess’ from the earlier ‘Audioboxer’ E.P hint at their punk roots. Whilst Something Corporate may reside on a predominantly punk label, they certainly have the ability to appeal to a wider audience. If Joan Bakewell was the thinking mans crumpet then Something Corporate must surely be the thinking mans Sum 41.


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