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Smoke and Mirrors

Lifehouse's new set, "Smoke and Mirrors" is the band's diverse album to date. This isn't the typical pop-rock album where everything is overly catchy. This record is extremely different from track to track. "Nerve Damage" is a great example. It goes from a standard Lifehouse song to a hard rock song, to a roots rock song, to a blues guitar solo. It's an incredible track. Although not all songs on that record have that type of range, they're all different from track to track. This record never gets boring. Lifehouse is a band that doesn't need a breakthrough song at this point in their career. Maybe they needed it with their first record, and from a lack of one on their second record they needed on their third record. But after having highly successful records with a self-titled record and "Who We Are", the band could do pretty much whatever they wanted on "Smoke and Mirrors." Anything as far as a hit single is just a bonus. "Smoke and Mirrors" isn't just a diverse record, it's filled with potential singles. You can pretty much pick a track and you can see it doing well at radio, most notably the catchy "Halfway Gone" and the last track on the record "In Your Skin." Lifehouse's Smoke & Mirrors is the band's best record to date and that includes their debut "No Name Face." It's filled with outstanding tracks and production and is enjoyable throughout.


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