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Alkaline Trio

This Addiction

Alkaline Trio's stint on a major label didn't last long. It's probably for the better. "Agony and Irony" was an outstanding album but it was a pretty big stretch for the band. "This Addiction" has the same sound to it that "Agony and Irony" did but it's more comparable to the band's previous work before their Epic stint. There are still a lot of hooks and pop elements to the music but the lyrics are slightly darker again and the music has more punk to it than pop punk. This is a good thing. This album is filled with some outstanding punk songs including "This Addiction", "Piss and Vinegar", and "Dorothy." There are a lot of punk songs on the album, but there's a ton of variety. "Eating Me Alive" sounds like Alkaline Trio mixed with The Cure. It's a solid song. "This Addiction" isn't a return for the band because they never stopped making great music. "Agony and Irony" was a great album. This time they've made an album that's more like the music they've made in the past.


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