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Listening to an Angels & Airwaves album for the first time is like watching an amazing movie for the first time. You’re going to experience things that you’ve never experienced before. The best thing about the experience is that you are going to hear sounds and effects that you’ve NEVER heard before. Listening to the latest album, “Love” this is the best Angels &Airwaves album yet. It’s a perfect balance of the first two records and sonically the record is amazing. No, Tom’s not the greatest vocalist in the work but this project fits him better than Blink in lots of ways and some of the melodies written for “Love” are melodies I’ve never heard before. The albums not perfect, sometime instrumentation runs about ten seconds too long in order to create a mood in the record with some ambient sound effects. Those run slightly too long but that’s really the only problem with the record. This album is FREE. You can download it on the band’s modlife site for free or you can make a donation it. Amazingly enough, that’s not the best part about the album…, this record, is more original and better than most of the albums we’ve seen released in the past year. Don’t wait, go download it for yourself and find out.


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