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Rain or Shine

O.A.R.’s studio albums are nice and they have some great songs on them but the point of those albums is to make new material for their live show. The band recently released their fifth live album “Rain or Shine” and this is a different kind of live album from what we’ve seen from the band before. There’s more to be had here. In fact you’re getting every song that the band has ever done on this record in live form. In this case, more is definitely better. On these four discs you are getting well over thirty live tracks and another excellent live recording from the band. That’s an amazing thing to provide for the fans and you have to love the thought to include EVERYTHING on this live set. “Rain or Shine” has to do with the conditions during recording of the album. The weather was terrible, but the band played amazing. I guess that’s what happens when you have thousands of people coming to see your band and having to stand in the rain to do it… you’re going to want to put on a good show and O.A.R. did with this live album. The band has lots of live releases and you really can’t lose with any of them. This one is special because the band played amazing and you get a ton of material. It’s a unique release and one that O.A.R. fans and music fans will want to check out.


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