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One By One

The Foo Fighter's fourth studio album, One By One, is something we would expect from the Foo Fighters, but at the same time, is different from what we have come to know about them. The opening track, "All My Life" is indeed a true Foo Fighters song, with heavy guitars and Dave Grohl's growling vocals. When I first heard this song a few weeks ago, I wasn't too attached to it. But after listening to it a couple times, it started to grow on me. And that's what this album is; a record that takes a few listens to get a feel for it, which is something of a surprise coming from the Foo Fighters. But unfortunately, after those few listens, if you don't get a feel for it, you probably never will. Not to say that this isn't a good record. There are a few standout tracks, such as "Times Like These" and the more mellow "Tired Of You." The song that impressed me the most was "Halo", with it a guitar and drum intro that reminded me a little bit of Pete Yorn. Another thing good about this album is Grohl's powerful lyrics on each song, taken from the band's and his own personal experience. But the majority of the tracks lack the musical power to go with them. Overall, this does not appear as their best album to date. Aside from the few tracks mention, the rest of the record lacks the catchy, rock-pop tunes that we've come to expect from the Foo Fighters.


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