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New Found Glory

New Found Glory

New Found Glory’s self-titled, major label debut is easily one of my top ten albums of all time. It’s probably top five. The band’s sound was new to the scene. It was pop punk like Blink-182 but it sounded like Blink on crack. The music was fast and furious and a lot of fun to listen to. The music was great but this album is what gained NFG it’s base of fans. There’s not a weak track on the entire disc. That was something that was really rare ten years ago. It’s great that Universal gave this a 10th anniversary edition release and maybe even a little surprising. Yes it’s a great album but lots of NFG fans didn’t come to the party until the next two albums. I’m not going to knock them for recognizing a great album though. This edition has lots of bonus content too; including seven bonus tracks and a DVD with loads of content. New Found Glory’s self-titled album is a classic album. This album made this band into what it is today and helped shape music across the next decade. The band has a place in rock and roll history and this release cements that.


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