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All Time Low

MTV Unplugged

The acoustic forms of songs are when you can really hear the true form of them. There's nothing for the song to hide behind. Everything's stripped down and naked for everyone to hear. All Time Low's "MTV Unplugged" special displays six of the band's songs in their purest form. This CD/DVD combo pack features the band's two biggest singles to date... "Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)" and "Dear Maria, Count Me In." The four other songs on the disc are all good songs from the band and the performance of these six songs is really stellar. You wouldn't think that a band like All Time Low would sound good acoustically, but they sound excellent. The performances of these songs are all so good that you feel a little cheated that there's only six of them. This is supposed to fit onto a 30 minute TV special though so there really couldn't have been more songs, but it feels a little short. That's a small problem with a good special and this is another good release from All Time Low. They've turned into one of the bigger bands out there in the past three years and that shows no signs of slowing down with this release.


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