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Matchbox Twenty

More Than You Think You Are

Once called a flash in the pan, and now considered a standard that most melodic rock bands are measured to, Matchbox Twenty silenced critics two years ago with their stellar sophomore release Mad Season. Now with the pressure off to follow up their incredible debut, Matchbox Twenty has released their third effort entitled "More Than You think You Are". The band wastes no time shedding the melodic sound associated with their last record, as they come out of the gates rocking, with the track "Feel". With intense vocals and loud guitars, Rob Thomas hasn't sounded this pissed off since Long Day, and its about time. Next is the current single Disease, followed by the heartfelt "Bright Lights". By far the standout track on the album is the song Unwell which is nothing less than captivating, with a melody and a hook that alone could sell a couple million records. Equally impressive is the next track, Cold which brings layered guitars and a strong chorus reminiscent of their hit Bent. Hand Me Down and Could I Be You are also cleverly written, and come alive with just one listen. With a music industry that is constantly changing, and a time when screaming lead singers and distorted guitars seem to push traditional bands out of the spotlight, Matchbox Twenty stands as one of the only bands who position is secure. This being their third consecutive remarkable album it's just further evidence that this band is whole hell of a lot more than critics thought they were.


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