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The Struts

Everybody Wants

The Struts have been around since 2010 and this album, “Everybody Wants” was originally released in the UK in 2014. Now, it’s getting a rerelease in the US two years later. It makes sense for the label to introduce the US to the Struts, I’m just not so sure that it makes sense to do it with songs that are a couple of years old in a global music market. Regardless, “Everybody Wants” is a damn catchy retro rock album that will find a niche audience all over the world, and just maybe… a broader audience too.

“Everybody Wants” was produced by a combo of Ray Hedges and Red Triangle and it was produced more than capably. There’s a ton of polish here. That production stands out first on all sixteen songs of this rerelease. You’ve never heard an album that’s supposed to sound old sound quite like this. There’s also some great outside songwriting done with Struts frontman Luke Spiller here too. Most of these songs are as catchy as they can be - and all of them have an original hook to latch on to too. If you don’t overthink it, then this album is fun to listen to and easy to become a fan of. If you go in looking for holes in the lyrics and something that’s not completely original – then you’re likely to find it. It’s not a deep record, but it’s not necessarily meant to be either.

Everybody Wants as a rerelease makes some sense, but it would have been better to get some new music from The Struts with an all new album. It’s been long enough and now fans in the UK will have to hold out even longer for their new stuff. This is a good album, and it can be much better than what it is. It’s not for people looking for more meaning in their music, but if you want to turn your brain off and listen to something catchy and fun – then this is one hell of an escape from the daily grind.


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