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The Starting Line

Anyways EP

This short three-song EP from The Starting Line, entitled the “Anyways EP” is worth listening to if you were a fan of the band in their heyday. These three songs will take you back to the album they would have made after “Say It Like You Mean It” if they hadn’t taken risks and evolved creatively for “Direction”. That’s good and bad. For pop-punk traditionalists it makes sense. All three songs are catchy, have great guitar work, and are produced and published perfectly. If you like The Starting Line for the music they made after “Say It Like You Mean It”, then you’re not going to be as impressed with this three song EP as the traditionalists. There are no creative risks here, just three good songs. There’s nothing altogether different, just some Starting Line music. It’s still good, but it’s fairly care-free.

While one can wish that we had The Starting Line in the form that they were supposed to be in from 2007 to now, they broke the mold and did what they wanted to do – whether that was a day gig or a solo project. This EP makes some sense – it’s three songs for their old-school fans, but it also doesn’t necessarily fit in with the creative name the band made for themselves before they took their break.


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