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Run River North

Drinking from a Salt Pond

The second album from Run River North, “Drinking from a Salt Pond” is one of the better studio efforts to come out so far in 2016. The production is outstanding, the song writing is better than that, and the unique grunge-inspired sound from Run River North gives the band a sound that’s worth listening to over and over again. This is an outstanding album and one that fans of the alternative genre should flock to listen to right away.

What I love the most about this album is that it plays like a record that I would listen to over and over again in the late 90s. The track placement is great and every song on the record is worth listening to, but they applied the album concept to this record like they did to records back then too. There’s an intro and there’s even a hidden song. The other thing I love about this record is the varied sound that Run River North actually has. They can rock out in full alternative mode on a song like “Run or Hide” and they can also show a pop side to their sound on songs like “29”. I don’t really have any negative things to say about this record other than it does get a little bit boring in the later stages – but that changes from listen to listen and when it does falter – it quickly rebounds. Overall, it’s a solid listen.

I could care less about the heritage of Run River North. It’s cool for the people marketing the band, but it’s not the thing that should be discussed first when talking or writing about them. They’re an outstanding band and they’ve put out two records now that are really outstanding. If you’re a fan of alternative music – especially the stuff that came out more than a decade ago – then this album will resonate with you in a big way.


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