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You Are Not Alone (Live at the Greek)

WALK THE MOON’s “You Are Not Alone (Live at the Greek)” isn’t a perfect live album in the sense that it isn’t the perfect performance. It is however a perfect live album for this particular band because it captures their energy and their live sound perfectly. Led by Nicholas Petricca, WALK THE MOON kills it at the Greek Theatre in L.A. at this show and this recording does a good job of representing the energy of the band’s performance.

Performing songs mostly from their sophomore album TALKING IS HARD, the Cincinatti band does a good job with their set list on this particular night. Opening with “Jenny” and closing with “Shut Up and Dance” and “Anna Sun” – the set order here is perfect. I also love the songs they chose to play from their debut album. The performance of “I Can Lift a Car” is amazing. If you like that song – then you’ll love this performance too.

WALK THE MOON’s live album doesn’t sound perfect. It’s a little rough at the start, but it still captures what the band does really well and lets you hear and feel it anytime you want. That’s what a live album is really supposed to do and Live at the Greek does that perfectly.


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