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Simple Plan

Taking One for the Team

Simple Plan is on their fifth album and at this point, we’re all old. On "Taking One for the Team" they do a couple of things to cater to the mainstream crowd in hopes they hit on a single for Hot-AC or pop radio. That said, this is still an old-school pop punk album that anybody who’s a fan of the genre – or the band – can get behind.

On this album roughly 75% of the album is old-school pop punk. “Nostalgic”, “Boom!”, and “Everything Sucks” come to mind as the headliners in the category. When Simple Plan ventures into that territory, they make that brand of music as good or better than anyone else. There’s a special mention for the guitar work on those songs too. Especially on “Nostalgic” – the guitar work there is exceptional. The two songs that cater to the pop market both are features. “I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed” features Nelly and it has some potential as a single… just not as much as “Singing in the Rain” featuring R. City. That song has potential to do some great things on top 40 radio, and I’m not sure when Simple Plan really had the chance to do something like that.

Simple Plan’s fifth album is a favorite of mine from the band, even if it’s just for nostalgic purposes. They still know how to craft catchy songs and they’re still a great band. If you’ve ever been a fan of the band, there’s lots to love about the new album.


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