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The Lonely Cities EP

Tigertown’s debut in the U.S. is “The Lonely Cities EP” and it’s a solid introduction to the Australian band that showcases what their native country already knows – these guys are pretty good. All five of these songs showcase some outstanding synth work and some capable song writing. There’s some potential here for something big to happen all over the world with this music. It’s a decent EP that’s easy to listen to. The good news with the EP is that it’s easy to listen to and the songs are all good. The bad news here is that there’s nothing elite that’s really going to put this band on the map. There’s not a hit for everybody to latch on to. With an album that’s fine, but with an EP you need one solid single that will get everybody’s attention. That song isn’t here. Tigertown’s debut EP has a lot to like. The family band has a strong female vocal lead in Charlie Collins. Her voice is distinct and unique. The hit single isn’t on this EP, but it might be on their next release.


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