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American Appetite

Harriet – the band led by Alex Casnoff (formerly of Dawes) – makes their LP debut with “American Appetite”. The music sounds a lot like the other indie art-centric alternative bands out there – The Shins come to mind. The difference is that they make some synth work and some programming a core part of their sound. Casnoff’s whimsy voice sounds a lot like James Mercer from The Shins.

On “American Appetite” we get a great introduction to the band. The production here is tremendous and the songs are all worthy of your attention even if none of them can really be considered single worthy. If you’re sick of the single culture that’s currently the main focus in music, then you won’t mind that at all. But if you have to have one or two songs to come back to here and there, then you’ll be slightly disappointed in this record. It’s not because the music isn’t good enough, it’s just because that’s not where the focus is. There’s a great hook for a few seconds and then Harriet quickly veers away from it and goes on to something else in the song that deserves just as much of your attention. It’s a record that’s filled with great album tracks – it’s a true record, and it’s a blast to listen to. It might end on a bit of a downturn towards the end of the record, but even those songs have some good qualities.

There isn’t a single here and that’s fine, but there’s also not a song here that’s worth obsessing over. If you’re a fan of the album experience, then you’ll love this one. It’s a good listen, it’s just not for everyone.


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