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Jean-Phillip Grobler was introduced to people with the last set of St. Lucia music, in particular the single “Elevate.” Even though there had been two EPs before that album, most of us found out about St. Lucia with the 2013 album, “When The Night”. Now, Grobler is back with the follow-up album to the 2013 debut. The new album is called “Matter” and it’s a considerable improvement over its predecessor.

All of “Matter” is good but there are four really great songs here. “Dancing on Glass”, “Physical”, “Help Me Run Away” and “Do You Remember.” The rest of the album is enough to keep you entertained, but those four songs are good enough that you can become obsessed with them. The programming is exceptional and the writing from Grobler is just as good. With the 80’s influenced indie pop music that’s become the fad in the world of alternative St. Lucia fits in better than most because he does it better than most. The programming is perfect and the writing is good too, that’s to be sure. But Grobler’s voice fits the style perfectly.

If there’s a knock with this album it’s some of the artistic choices. There are moments when you should take advantage of an album and have a six-minute song or a long outro, but St. Lucia seems to do that with every single song on this record. Half of the songs are too long and three more feature a weird outro that adds nothing to the music.

There’s a lot to like with “Matter”. The music is good and those four songs will frequent your playlists for all of 2016, but some odd moments bring this album to good from the great level. You’ll like St. Lucia’s album, you probably just won’t love it and that could have happened with some different changes here and there.


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