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Will Joseph Cook

Insignificant With You

The young but experienced Will Joseph Cook had a busy 2015. He released sever singles and by my count, 3 EPs. The EPs are a bit of a different introduction to an artist for anyone out there. They have a lot of carryover from set to set that I really haven’t seen before. The latest EP release from Cook is “Insignificant With You” and it features two songs from his first EP of the year, “You Jump I Run” and the other two songs coming from his “Proof Enough EP” that was released a few months before this one.

What’s Good: Cook has an awesome voice. He croons through all four of these songs like a boss. He also writes some really cool melodies. The production and the instrumentation here is super cool too. You can’t tell that this guy started with an acoustic guitar on a YouTube channel. The voice is the first reason to listen but everything that goes on in the background here is spot on.

What’s Bad: I have to say that I don’t really get this release. All four of these songs have been released on previous EPs. There’s not anything new and the upgrades to the production isn’t really enough to warrant a rerelease. Atlantic needs to throw some new songs out there and people will go back to the old ones if they like what they hear. At least rerelease everything from the two previous EPs and add three or four new songs to make an LP.

Final Word: If you haven’t taken the time to listen to Cook’s music yet, this is as good of a place to start as any. These are his best four songs so far, even though he’ll undoubtedly release better music – his best work is still in front of him. It’s too bad that there’s no new music here, but this EP isn’t for current fans, it’s for future ones.


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