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Throughout 2015 we got a really good introduction to Coasts with a ton of single releases and a couple of different EP releases. Most of the songs were released a couple of times but everything they put out there was likable. Now, the boys from Bristol have a debut self-titled album out that’s filled with arena friendly rock tracks that hopefully will give these guys some momentum to play to the huge crowds that they deserve.

What’s Good: Coasts has a sound that’s perfect for stadiums. Frontman Chris Caines has an amazing voice and the band behind him is exceptional. Songs like “Wolves”, “Oceans”, “Modern Love”, and “Lions” are made for a live environment. They’re huge tracks with lots of space to improvise on stage from to night to night. The recorded versions are exceptionally well produced. If you end up liking this band, then you’ll end up liking this whole album and not just a few of the songs.

What’s Bad: Even if you end up liking every song on the album, the songs after the fifth track are mostly super-repetitive. There’s a break into something different for a song or two near the end, but most everything sounds the same. If you listen through the deluxe version of the album this is exceptionally true. There’s too many songs here that sound the same.

Final Word: I think that Coasts could be the next big thing to tour arenas around the world. They have several single friendly songs here and they’re the perfect band to open up for big arena bands like Muse or Coldplay. I don’t necessarily see big things in the future for Coasts because that’s hard to predict, but I definitely want big things to happen for Coasts because the music they make is tremendous.


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