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Banners EP

After listening through the self-titled Banners EP, it’s clear that Banners is here to stay and will do some massive things in 2016. Mike Nelson, the man behind the music, has a smooth voice and has written some emotionally gripping songs that are sure to catch the ears of plenty of. On this five song EP, all five songs are solid. “Start a Riot” starts off great with a smooth vocal run by Nelson and it doesn’t lose any steam from start to finish. “Shine a Light” was the first single released by BANNERS and it sits somewhere between an Elbow song and a Snow Patrol song stylistically. The biggest highlight of the album for me is “Gold Dust” it sounds like an older alternative song from the 90s - but with a smoother vocal.

This EP from BANNERS is worth listening to. Nelson has five songs here that grab your attention and won’t let go. Look out for the full length in 2016, and look for BANNERS to do some big things throughout the year.


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