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Waking Up The Giants

Grizfolk is like a cool mix between The Fray and Vampire Weekend. They use some programming to accent some of their songs in the same manner that Isaac Slade and The Fray do. They organic percussion to drive some of their songs in the same manner that Ezra Koenig and Vampire Weekend do. Since the release of their EP “From the Spark” early in 2014, the band has relentlessly toured and promoted leading up to this, their debut album, “Waking Up the Giants”.

“Waking Up the Giants” starts out brilliantly and it’s continued through more than half of the album. Towards the end of the set, it loses some steam with the last three or four songs. Those songs aren’t bad tracks, they’re just not on par with the first eight songs. That’s the lone complaint with Grizfolk’s debut album. The last four songs aren’t as good as the first eight songs because those first eight songs are exceptional and at times awe-inspiring. The title track in particular has the perfect blend have the programming and organic percussion. Songs that we’ve heard before like “Hymnals”, “The Struggle”, “Waiting For You”, and “Troublemaker” are all brilliant, but the same can be said for “Bob Marley” and “Into the Barrens.” Plus, they all fit together perfectly here to form a cohesive listening experience that never stops being great.

Adam Roth and Grizfolk have made a great debut album. It’s guaranteed to be among the favorite LPs for music fans at the end of the year. It’s an entertaining and insightful album that you can listen to over and over.


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