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Saint Cecilia EP

A raucous 5 song EP from the Foo Fighters, the “Saint Cecilia EP” is terrific. These songs are on par with most everything the band has released with the past two albums. All five of these songs are fun rock tracks that are a must listen for any fan of the Foos. It’s a rock EP that doesn’t take the effort to listen to that “Sonic Highways” does. The title track is an insanely cool track. The guitar that hits after the first chorus is particularly amazing. “Sean” sounds like one of the rock tracks from “There’s Nothing Left to Lose”. “Savior Breath” is an remarkable rock song with fun lyrics and a killer guitar solo. “Iron Rooster” isn’t quite on par with the other four songs on the EP, but it’s still solid. The set finishes off with “The Neverending Sign”, one of the most epic Foos songs yet. This EP is a care free set of five songs that’s a welcome change of pace for Grohl and the Foo Fighters. There's no outside agenda away from the music, there's just some amazing stuff to listen to here.


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