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Cage the Elephant

Tell Me I'm Pretty

The fourth album from Cage the Elephant follows the trend of consistency for the band. Four albums in and they’ve delivered four quality sets that have helped them establish a credibility that few can match in the modern age. “Tell Me I’m Pretty” was produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and was recorded at Easy Eye Sound in Nashville.

On previous albums, Cage the Elephant was great because of their flaws. Their full-length self-titled album is one of the best debuts ever because Matt Schultz and the rest of the band jar the listener with a no-nonsense take it or leave it approach to the band. It worked on their next three albums too. Here, they’re doing something altogether different. “Tell Me I’m Pretty” is the most mellow Cage the Elephant and what equates to their best sounding album yet too. That’s good because there’s a different record here than the previous three and an album that’s cohesive and never jarring. It’s bad because what used to make the band great – those flaws – they’re not really here.

A mellow approach to the music with honest lyrics by Schultz and great production from Auerbach is still more of a positive than a negative for Cage the Elephant on “Tell Me I’m Pretty”. There’s some really likable music here that has a sonic hum and a vibe akin to a blend of music from the 60s and 70s than anything else. It’s an album that’s admittedly not as good as some of their previous work, but it’s still an album that you can listen and appreciate for what it is. It’s a solid album from a great band that’s operated at a high level of consistency for almost a decade.


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