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A Head Full of Dreams

After releasing “Ghost Stories” in 2014, Coldplay has quickly followed that album up with “A Head Full of Dreams” at the tail end of 2015.

The new album from the band that’s been the biggest group in the world for the past decade has its fair share of ups and downs. The biggest positive thought coming away from listening through the record a few times is that they weren’t afraid to take risks with the new album. The title track is as schizophrenic as the name of it implies and that same thing can be said for roughly half of the songs on the album. It’s similar to “Viva La Vita” in that respect, but the melodies and choruses on that 2007 release are ten times better. With “A Head Full of Dreams”, the production and musicianship is excellent but the songs aren’t as good as they’ve been on previous albums. Still, there are more than a few songs here that longtime fans of the band will keep coming back to. Songs like “Army of One”, “Everglow”, “Adventure Of A Lifetime”, and “Hymn for the Weekend”.

“A Head Full of Dreams” isn’t among the top two or three Coldplay albums, but it’s not bad either. The group continues to grow and evolve here, more so than they did on their last album. Not every song here is great, but there’s more than enough to justify streaming this one over and over if you’re a fan of the band.


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