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The Brinks

Temporary Love EP

The duo of Matt Friedman and Scott Mellis make up The Brinks. They just released their debut EP, “Temporary Love” this week following up the release of the single “Hide Your Love” last month. The Brinks sound has an indie synth pop vibe that a lot of music does right now. Although it doesn’t stay away from the modern formula of the style, that doesn’t mean that they don’t do what they do really well. The six song EP showcases how much potential the project has to put together a legit album while still making an EP with six songs that’s good enough to come back to. The single is outstanding, the title track is even better, and the other four songs hold up well. The EP is worth listening to with a few choices here that are worth throwing into daily and weekly playlists to start out 2016. These guys finish 2015 off great and should have a decent year next year.


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