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State Champs

Around the World and Back

A pop punk group out of New York, State Champs has released “Around the World and Back.” It’s the band’s third LP and if you’re a fan of the genre but not familiar with the band, now is as good of time to get acquainted with them as any.

On “Around the World and Back” State Champs don’t stray from the common formula used in the genre, but the good news is that they don’t need to because they’re good at it. You can hear elements of the classics from the genre – everything from New Found Glory and Cartel to Simple Plan and Sum 41. They’re influenced by a little bit of everything from the genre and you can hear that in the album. If I have one problem with the album it’s that a few of their choruses don’t have the hooks they need to really stay with the listener, there are a few great songs on this album, and a lot of good ones – don’t mistake that – but there aren’t enough great hooks that will really stay with people to make State Champs stand out.

“Around the World and Back” is a solid pop punk album. The musicianship is outstanding. The songs aren’t all great, but they’re still really good. It’s a good listen for anybody that’s still into pop punk.


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