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Walk the Moon

Different Colors EP

The timing for Walk the Moon to release the Different Colors EP seems a little strange. Regardless, it’s out and available now and it’s a fun little EP from the band that had a bigger 2015 that pretty much everyone else.

The EP features five tracks – one is “Different Colors” – it’s the original mix of the song and it’s great. The next track is a cover of The Isley Brothers “It’s Your Thing” is a cool rendition that I’m sure the guys have taken out live at least a couple of times. There’s also a cool new song called “Boyfriend”, it doesn’t stand out as anything too amazing, but it’s a decent listen. The two remix versions of “Different Colors” at the end of the EP are the highlights for me. The Griswolds remix of the track is particularly outstanding. This is a good EP. The cover is cool, the remixes are fun, and the other two songs are good too. If you’re a fan of the band, you’ll find something you want to listen to here.


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