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A Great Big World

When The Morning Comes

The duo of Ian Axel and Chad King under the moniker A Great Big World made a big splash with their song “Say Something.” With their new album, “When the Morning Comes” they can, and probably will, again. It’s not an amazing album that I would recommend for anyone, but it’s not a terrible listen either.

When Axel and King try to write something and do something original, they succeed in big ways. Songs like “Kaleidescope” and “All I Want Is Love” can remind you of songs by The Script, even though it has the distinct flavor of A Great Big World. Those songs are original and they’re good listens. The problem is that for every good song on the record, there are at least three cookie-cutter pop songs on this album that just aren’t very good. “End of the World” has lyrics that any 13-year-old could pull out of their dream journal. “Won’t Stop Running” seems like it might start to tell a story, but then it just says “I’m Way Too Young and I Won’t Stop Running” roughly 192 times. “One Step Ahead” is a simple piano song that’s similar to “Say Something” but not as good. There’s also two different versions of “Hold Each Other”, one that’s ‘futuristic’ and the other that’s not. After listening to both of them they sound exactly the same. The only real difference I heard was the use of strings in the version of the song that didn’t get the ‘futuristic’ tag in the title.

There’s some good stuff on this album, but there’s also plenty of bad too. It would be nice if the duo would stretch themselves further instead of making a pop album that’s been made over and over the past four years. There’s some decent stuff here, but be prepared to find the next button while listening through it.


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