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After five years between albums, the music from Atomic Tom stays the same quality; pretty damn good. From an industry standpoint, the band probably took too long between albums, any kind of buzz they had from 2010 is gone now. That said, the new album from Atomic Tom, “Era” might be good enough for the band to generate what they had before, and then some.

From a strictly music point, Atomic Tom is better now than they’ve ever been. The songs on “Era” are wonderfully crafted. Out of the eleven songs on this album (excluding the intro and epilogue), all of them are good and half of them are amazing. Vocalist Luke White sings better now than he ever has before. The guitar work on this album is better than it was on their last album too. The songs are leaps and bounds better here than they were on the last record. The hooks are stronger and the lyrical quality and significance is miles ahead of where it was too.

Era is an outstanding listen. At least five of these songs are tracks that you’ll be able to listen to over and over again and the album itself is a complete listen. Atomic Tom has made some good music before, but this is by far their best.


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