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New Kingdom

The debut single from GIVERS was “Up Up Up” and it was a track that was anything but boring. In fact, the entire debut album from GIVERS, “In Light” was anything but boring. The crazy instrumentation and rhythms to go along with some pretty abstract ideas in the songwriting process made for some interesting songs. Better yet, when the band did things upbeat, with a faster tempo, the songs were crazy good. Now, following up their 2011 album “In Light” GIVERS are back with a new album called “New Kingdom”.

“New Kingdom has some things in common with “In Light”. GIVERS experiment on the album a lot. They also don’t worry about keeping their song lengths in the standard 3:00 – 4:20 range. It’s also a bit different than “New Kingdom” in most of the ways that matter. The bands last album wasn’t great all the time, but they had hooks in their music and those hooks were accompanied by raucous instrumentation. Even when there wasn’t a hook, things were at the very least interesting. On this new album, GIVERS are far away from as interesting as they were on their last release and there isn’t a hook on this entire record that’s as good as any of the material on their last release. Dual vocalists Tiffany Lamson and Taylor Guarisco each have their moments on this album, but again, they just aren’t as good here as they were on the last album.

GIVERS is a good band. They did some things before anything did them four years ago and they very well could go on to do some great things with this album. That said, my personal opinion says that this album is good in lots of ways, but it just isn’t as entertaining as it could have been. Listen for yourself, but if you’ve heard what this band is actually capable of then you might think the same.


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