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Out of Atlanta, GA - Stokeswood have made a name for themselves with their song “Our Streets.” The song, originally written and recorded some time ago has been winning awards for the band and earning them recognition for the past two years. This summer the band released their six song EP, 2075.

Stokeswood is an EDM-inspired alternative pop band with an excellent vocalist in Adam Patterson. Patterson really shines on songs like “Our Streets” and the title track. The melodies are awesome on both of those songs and the production isn’t too distracting from the vocal. I say that because sometimes the music and everything that’s going on behind Patterson is a bit too much. That’s a problem that they fall into especially towards the end of the EP. Stokeswood does some cool things. It’s easy to see why they’ve earned the attention they have. The music is really good, it’s just not as good right now as it will be in the future. Still, there’s good music to be had on this EP and if you give Stokeswood a shot you’re bound to find something to like.


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