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Into Focus EP

Peter Kirk won us over with the last Panama Wedding EP, “Parallel Play”. The EP was catchy and smart with songs like “Uma” and “Feels Like Summer”. The four song EP was a great introduction to Kirk’s music. Now, with the follow up EP, “Into Focus”, Kirk has taken things up another notch. This EP is catchier than the last one with Kirk’s ability to write great hooks and tie them with some amazing programming. The new EP is smarter than the last one too. There are five outstanding songs on “In Focus” and every track has something intelligent to say.

The EP starts out great with “Halfway to Heaven.” The production and the melody sound a bit like Martin Page’s “In the House of Stone and Light”. The programming in the intro and the chorus is spectacular. The lyrics in the song aren’t as good as they are on other parts of the EP, but the production makes up for it. That song is followed by “Infinite High” - and the reverse can be said for that song. The lyrics are incredibly smart and genuine, but the production is a touch repetitive following up the opening song. That said, the intelligent lyrics make up for any flaws in the production and some added effects and ideas at the end of the track make up for it too. In the middle of the EP are “Into Focus” and “A Brand New Life” and both songs are masterful. The production and the guitar solo on “Into Focus” at the end of the track are exemplary. The lyrics on “A Brand New Life” are brilliant – personally they’re some of my all time favorite of any song. The EP finishes strong with "Younger Love", it's not as good as the previous four tracks, but it's still a strong song.

This EP is tremendous. Kirk’s music is something that I’d encourage anyone to give a shot at least once. Hopefully we get a full album from Panama Wedding sometime in the near future because after a month with this EP everyone will be ready for more.


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