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The Neighbourhood

Wiped Out!

With their 2013 release “I Love You.”, The Neighbourhood proved that they were good. With their 2015 album release, “Wiped Out!”, The Neighbourhood proved that they have the potential to be great. The album has one of the best vocal performances that you’re likely to hear from Jesse Rutherford and Justyn Pillbrow continues to impress with his production.

“Wiped Out!” is amazing first and foremost because of Rutherford. On songs like “R.I.P. to My Youth”, “Crybaby” “Single” and “Wiped Out” - his vocal is flawless. Throughout the entire record he impresses time and time again. The rest of the group does some outstanding work too. The guitars heighten Rutherford’s vocals perfectly and when the vocals aren’t driving the album, the rhythm section is. The bass work across this album is superb. Credit has to be given to The Neighbourhood for an outstanding record but producer Justyn Pillbrow deserves a huge amount of credit as well. Following up his work with Halsey, he did an even better job with this album. He doesn’t rely on a bunch of programming and sounds to get the job done with what he’s recording; he just engineers things on a whole different level. The result is ambience and atmosphere on a record that probably hasn’t existed in music over the past decade and a half.

“Wiped Out!” is a tremendous record. There are some moments here that are a bit tedious, the title track and it’s 6:13 runtime and it’s 1:30 outro come to mind, so does the intro on “Greetings from California”, but for the most part is a dazzling listen that should wow you at least once when you go through it. Rutherford Pillbrow did some amazing work on this album and it’s worthy of an immediate listen.


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