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Young Rising Sons

The Kids Will Be Fine EP

After a self-titled EP release in 2014, Young Rising Sons are back with a new EP in 2015. The five song set titled “The Kids Will Be Fine” has the fan-favorite YRS track, “Fucked Up” and four new songs from the Jersey-based band.

“The Kids Will Be Fine EP” isn’t as good as their debut was, but it’s still a solid effort. These five songs share a similar vein as the last four songs. Young Rising Sons doesn’t quite fit in with the synth-heavy buzz bands that are peaking right now. They use synths, but they don’t do it primarily. The band separates themselves with their rhythm section and their song writing. The way they incorporate some primitive drum work and how that usually leads into addictive gang vocals in a big chunk of their music. It’s a great way to grab attention and it translates extremely well to a live environment. They did that on “King of the World” and “High” on the last EP and they certainly do it on this EP. “Coming Home” has the band’s unique style to it but it’s written and produced more similar to some of the great softer alternative acts that ran in the early part of the last decade. “Fucked Up” sounds like a party song, but with a depressing twist. The music is cool and upbeat, but the vocals paint a depressing picture. The EP finishes off better than it starts with “Flesh and Bone” being a huge highlight, “Ghost of Me” having some standout production, and “Somebody” finishing off the EP on an uplifting note.

Young Rising Sons didn’t release an EP that’s as good as their last release, but it’s pretty close. They win points for putting out five songs that are more varied than the last set. This EP is a release to check out if you were a fan of the band’s last outing or if you’re a fan of pop-rock in general. There’s some good music to be had here.


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