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Coleman Hell EP

Coleman Hell has had three singles come out over the past few months that have all been good. There’s been “2 Heads”, which is probably the most popular and is set to go to radio soon. There’s also “Up” and “Thumbalina” – both of those songs are tremendous tracks. All three of those songs and three more and included on the new Coleman Hell EP via Columbia that came out last week.

The three singles from Coleman Hell have all been good, and the three new songs follow the same trend. “Sitcom” has some of the coolest production that I’ve ever heard and the laugh track on the song is genius. “After Hours” and “Move On” are both great too, they’re just overshadowed by the genius that’s on the rest of the EP and the hook on “Sitcom”.

The Coleman Hell EP is a tremendous listen. There are no misses on this record. All six of these songs are spot-on and a ton of fun to listen to. You should stream this right away, it’s so good that you won’t stop until at least February.


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