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Matt Nathanson

Show Me Your Fangs

Matt Nathanson’s new album, “Show Me Your Fangs” is a somewhat subtle change of pace. The last three albums from Nathanson have had more than their share of intense and personal songs. “Some Mad Hope” was partly inspired by the movie 300. “Modern Love” had him working on some intensely personal music and had him being influenced by the narrative nature of country music. “Last of the Great Pretenders” was a mix between “Some Mad Hope” and “Modern Love”. “Show Me Your Fangs” is a more light-spirited Nathanson album that stands apart from his previous works.

“Show Me Your Fangs” flies by. You’ll be seven songs in and it will feel like you’ve been listening for ten minutes. It has some melancholy moments – like “Bill Murray” where love’s lost and regrets are plenty to be had – but the front of the album is mostly a care-free adventure through Nathanson’s head. “Giants” is a song that has the power to make any 50 year-old feel young again. “Adrenaline” is a schizophrenic track that’s a blast to listen to. “Summertime” sounds like Nathanson’s been listening to 70s pop music for the past two years. “Show Me Your Fangs”, the title track off of the album has the coolest bass and drum tracks that I’ve heard in forever. The song might just be Nathanson’s coolest to date. There are plenty of other great moments on the album, but those are the highlights.

Matt Nathanson’s “Show Me Your Fangs” is just as good as his last four albums, it might be a notch better. The singer-songwriter proves that he’s getting better and better as the years go by. Even Nathanson’s most tenured fans will find more than a few songs to love on this album.


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