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JR JR is on their third album together, but this self-titled effort is the duos first since changing their name from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. to just JR JR. Two veterans from the Detroit music scene before they formed this duo, Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein might have made the best work of their career with their third album. Zott and Epstein have put together an album filled to the brim with catchy synthpop songs that manage to have meaning too.

JR JR has been making good music for a while now, but with their new album they’re doing things on another level. Take “Gone”, for example – the song doesn’t just feature hooks over and over, they’re really smart and intricate, and something that wasn’t always the case with music from these guys before. With the latest single, you’re led into things with a cool acoustic line along with some simple but really functional whistling, then the song just kind of takes over from there. The whistling gets used in the background and the acoustic guitar is a huge part of that song the rest of the way too. With previous JR JR efforts, you’re kind of bombarded into the music right away. There wasn’t a huge amount of ebb and flow to the way the albums and EPs moved. That’s a huge sonic theme with this record and it wins throughout the entire set for Zott and Epstein.

JR JR has something great on their hands with the duos third album together. They’re really starting to come together and build something amazing. After expecting them to hit another level for the past few years, it looks like those expectations are at an all-time high with this new record. It’s a must-listen for anyone who has liked their previous work and for newbies who are looking for something that’s catchy and a little different.


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