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Jarryd James EP

Becoming another huge part of the Australian music invasion that’s taking the entire planet by storm, Brisbane musician Jarryd James has released his self-titled EP here in the U.S. while readying his album to come out all over the world over the next few months (it should actually be out in Australia this month.) James makes what can best be described as alternative pop music, and he does it very well.

The five songs on this EP will give you a taste of what James does. He features some great rhythm lines underneath his honey piercing vocal on “Do You Remember”, a song that Aussies have been listening to for a while now. On “This Time (Serious Symptoms, Simple Solutions)”, the track features some really cool R&B percussion and some other really unique musical things to go along with that terrific vocal. On his latest single “Give Me Something” things get changed up just a bit and while there’s still some interesting things going on in the background, James’ vocal is the dominant force in the music and the vocal melody drives the track to the audience. While not being the dominant thing in the music all the time, the vocal from James is the primarily reason to listen to this EP. His vocal is amazing and just that side of the EP overall is worth listening to.

Jarryd James gives us plenty with his five song EP. The rest of the album should come out in the coming months and then we’ll get to hear what this pop artist can really do. Until then, this is a good sample that fans of vocal driven R&B that’s a little different will like.


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